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Ginger Atherton is an interior designer, real estate stager, and lifestyle designer extraordinaire. A pioneer in the luxury home staging industry, Ginger has more than two decades of experience in the design world. She has bestowed her exquisite sense of style upon hundreds of private residences, yachts, and planes over the course of her illustrious career.

Celebrities, professional athletes, international performers, and leaders of Fortune 500 companies comprise her who’s who, referral-based clientele. Ginger’s clients applaud her creative prowess and her ability to transform simply beautiful into spectacularly profitable.

The founder and director of The Ginger Atherton Academy of Luxury Home Staging & Design, Ginger is a born leader, savvy businesswoman, and any entrepreneur’s inspiration.

Luxury Home Staging: Designing Your Business is the inaugural edition of a series on leading a well-designed life. Ginger splits her time between the inspiring settings of Washington State and coastal California.

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